Ensoniq ASR-X にCF RaizinMonsterを内蔵させる

ユーザーさんからのリクエストで、宿題だったEnsoniq ASR-XにCF RaizinMonsterを内蔵させます。いろいろ、強引な部分がありますが、なんとか内蔵させました。

ASR-Xには、オプションのSCSIカードが必要になります。(ASR-X proには、標準でSCSIが付いています)


Ensoniq ASR-Xの操作パネルです。右下にFDDが付いています。FDDと交換で、CF RaizinMonsterを取り付けようと思います。


CF RaizinMonsterと特注で作ってもらったMini D-SUB 50pin – フラットケーブル50pin 変換ケーブルです。さすがに、高密度のMini D-SUB コネクターのハンダ付けのコネクターは存在しないので、圧接のコネクターになりました。











Mini D-SUBコネクターを接続して、D-SUB段ボール紙で絶縁しましょう。






FDDのかわりに、CF RaizinMonsterを取り付けます。ケーブルを配線して、出来上がりです。









今回の一番のポイントというか、難しいところは、高密度Mini D-SUBコネクターの変換ケーブルをどうやって入手するかということでしょう。当方でも、探しまくったのですが、既製品は存在しないようで、結局特注となりました。作ってもらえなかったとしたら、直接基盤からハンダ付けでSCSI信号を取り出すしか方法がありませんが、失敗すると大変なので、できればやりたくは無いです。

AKAI MPC3000のように、反響があれば、ケーブルを製品化するかもしれません。

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  1. Hi, I have installed the CF Raizin Monster in my ASRX. Am able to format using trancend cf 133x 1gb card however I cannot read/write to the card. Did you test saving and loading after formatting?

  2. Nope, I got the same issue. I did some checking and the ASR-X format is okay on the CF cards I tried, the ASR-X just refuses to acknowledge the disk in LOAD and SAVE modes.

    I was trying a 8GB Transcend card marked as 133x.

    When it formats it’s pretty quick, takes about 10 seconds, which is too slow. It should be showing the percentages and take a while. It them says “installing root directory”, which really means it zeroes out the space for the root directory, which is always 32 sectors long.

    I tried formatting it with Translator and that did no good either.

    My guess is that the RaizonMonster isn’t allowing reading of any sectors higher than the boot sector and the FAT, so it can’t read the root directory and thus gives that message. On format it silently fails, so that’s why we get the 10 second delay and the lack of percentages when it formats.

    Are you absolutely sure this works with the ASR-X? You’ve got it pictured, but did you simply format and go no forther? Try saving a blank SESSION, or just try to read the card. On my system, which is good, I’ve sold ASR-X stuff for the last 20 years, it just doesn’t work.

  3. OK, go ahead and do that – but are you talking about fixing a bad ROM, or delivering a board that has a a different model ROM? Certainly Dan and I couldn’t have BOTH gotten bad ROM’s, could we? Seems unlikely.

  4. Dan reports (if I can speak for him) that the card he got works with other samplers (S1000), so how is it that a detective ROM can work with other models but not the ASR-X or MPC?

    I have almost all hardware sampler types here, given time I’ll try this across all of them. Happy to help.

    I tried mine on a Ensoniq ASR-10 and it formatted fine, was able to write the OS, boot up with it, and save a fairly large file to it.

    Should I be expecting a new board in the mail shortly? Also how do I get the old one back to you without having to pay shipping?

  5. Dear Sir.

    Some model of Sampler and PowerMac have bad compatibility with this production lot ROM.
    The quality of this lot ROM is uneven. It seems to be related to access speed of ROM.
    I sent another lot ROM. First, please try to exchange ROM.
    If it is also defective, I will send the new board.

    Best Regards.

    Manabu Sakai

  6. My friend Dan apparantly had better success, I didn’t, but some. I tried 2 CF cards, one a Kodak 512mb. This does not format at all, I get a “Can’t format” message. The other a 8GB Transcend x133, formats fine. It also loads fine, but upon writing I get a Sorry Error 5 and the ASR-X reboots. I can write to the CF card using a computer, and I can put ASR-X format sounds on fine. I also formatted it for Ensoniq EPS/ASR and put a bunch of sounds on there, and the ASR-X read that fine as well. It just can’t write to it.

    This is with the new ROM you sent.

  7. Dear Sir.

    What cable and connection do you use? Your symptom is not cause by defective ROM.
    It is the rare case I never heard. Please send CF RaizinMonster back. I will inspect it.

    Best Regards.

    Manabu Sakai

  8. My systems (cable connector SCSI etc.) are 100% working, I’ve tested samplers for SCSI for over 20 years, so don’t sweat that.

    I think there’s more to the ASR-X than you know. I don’t think it supports physical media capacities over 8GB, as I formatted the 8GB CF card with Translator (I head the team that writes the code for that) as 2GB (special ASR-X format), and now it writes just fine. It’s a little funny with the hot-swap, but it does work.

    Do you have any information on what CF cards work in the Raizen, and with what samplers? I have two 512mb cards that format fine with the Ensoniq EPS/ASR but do not format with the ASR-X. The 8GB formats without error, but as we see the ASR-X does not write to it properly. I have ordered a 1GB and 2GB x133 CF card and we’ll see if those format on the ASR-X.

    Please answer that question, but no worry, it doesn’t look like a Raizen issue. I hope this is helpful for you, as people that buy your stuff should have the knowledge/infromation to fully implement end-to-end solutions.

  9. I also can report that the Raizen works with the ASR-10. If you’d like, please contact me privately – I have every sampler here for testing and can make a list for you on what works and with what cards get it to work. I also have some other things that may interest you.

  10. Dear Sir.

    I have developed CF SCSI solution for vintage computer and sampler since 1995.
    I have tested E-mu emax SE, EIII, EIV, e6400ultra, ESI-3000, AKAI S950/1000/1100/3000XL,
    MPC2000/2000XL/3000/60, Ensoniq ASR-10, ASR-X, ESP16+, Roland S760/770. In addition,
    I heard the report about YAMAHA,Synclavia and Fairlight.

    I guess that vintage sampler has some bad compatibility with CF memory card. However, it
    is many causes of production lot.

    Thanks for your detailed report. I will tell the report to my factory engineer.

    Best Regards.

    Manabu Sakai

  11. It looks like the ASR-X with the Raizon just doesn’t like CF cards above 2GB, unless you format them with Translator. I personally wouldn’t recommend anything above 2GB with the ASR-X, with the Raizon.

    I got the 1/2GB CF cards and they format perfectly. The 512mb CF cards I have that didn’t work apparantly are SLC cards, so my assumption is that the Raizon works with MLC’s and not SLC’s.

  12. はじめまして、ASR-10のSCSIの記事を探しているなかで辿り着きました。凄い・・・こんな事が出来るのですね。



  13. 弊社製品にご興味をお持ちになりありがとうございます。

    Ensoniq ASR-10でも動作確認したという報告をユーザーさんからいただいております。ただ、外付けでの利用のようです。

    CF RaizinMonsterなどを内蔵にするには、内部の構造がよくわからないので、SCSIカードの仕様が必要です。できれば、ASR-10本体をお預かり



  14. Hi – I have installed the CF Raizin Monster in ASRX Pro and Im trying two CF cards but they both fail for different reasons:

    1) Viking InterWorks 256mb: “Can’t format disk!”

    2) Fujifilm 2Gb 40x: “Installing Root”, then “Formating Successful”. Saving then gives me “Disk not readable”

    In all cases the RED light comes on when you would expect it to.

    Can you please point me at a CF that will definitely work? Both my cards are new and format fine on my PC.

    Many thanks,



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